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April 2022 Community Newsletter

April 8, 2022 8:17 pm

Board Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for the Board of Directors. Once filled out you will be included in the candidates to be elected at the upcoming annual meeting. Information you provide will be shared with the community in order to help residents vote. We will hold a candidate meet and greet online on May 12th, with the annual meeting to follow June 2nd. Official notices of the meeting will be sent in the mail.

Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 16, at Keith Bird Legacy Park. Children 0-7 years of age will start at 3pm. Children 8-12+ years of age will start at dusk, and will need to bring a flashlight. We are in need of plastic eggs and non-chocolate pre-wrapped candies or toys to fill eggs. Please drop off these donated supplies to Shawna Green at 4036 Wolf Rapids Dr. by no later than April 13th. The Easter Bunny will attend thanks to Imahara Real Estate Group. There will be food trucks to purchase food from. There will be two golden eggs with special prizes. Don’t forget your Easter basket or bags. We hope to see you all there!

Irrigation Water

There’s been a lot of questions on when water will be delivered. Our community receives water from Settlers Irrigation and the McMullen Lateral. They have announced that water will start turning in to the canals on April 18th. It will take a few days to get enough water to push debris and silt out of the system and fill the canals. After that we can start pressurizing the lines and prepping everything to start up. Water should be available by April 25th. It’s very important that everyone understand that due to current drought conditions, minimal irrigation storage water carried over from last irrigation season, and the below normal snow pack, the 2022 irrigation season will result in the reduced delivery of irrigation water from the start of the season. Irrigation delivery will start at 70% of the normal flows, and will be reduced as necessary to stretch the water supply through the irrigation season as far as possible.

As water becomes available, please make sure you are watering no more than every other day, and spreading your watering times out. If everyone waters first thing in the morning, it will draw too much on the pumps, and they will shut down. If you notice low pressure or your sprinklers not coming all the way up during the time you are trying to water, adjust your timing or days. Keeping the pumps running will help ensure everyone can water. Working together is how we’ll be able to keep our community beautiful.

Upcoming Events

April 16 – Easter Egg Hunt

May 7 – Mother’s Day Craft

May 23 – Pools Open

June 11 – Spring Garage Sale

June 18 – Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast

July 4 – Parade & Block Party

September 10 – Fall Garage Sale

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