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August 2021 Community Newsletter

August 5, 2021 4:05 pm


We are so glad you’ve chosen to live in Bainbridge. Our community has grown a lot, and we would like to welcome our new members! Each month we will send out a newsletter via email to update residents on what’s going on in the neighborhood, or remind you of rules, and share information. Please reach out to hoa@brightoncorp.com should you have any questions. We are looking forward to working with you all in building up this beautiful community!

Thank You

Thank you to all that participated and volunteered in the 4th of July event! It was a great success, and we hope to continue doing many fun events like this.

Irrigation Update

Irrigation water is scheduled to turn off the first week of September. As we get closer, and get a more firm date from the irrigation district, we’ll send an update. With water deliveries being cut back, we have experienced some low pressure times. This is happening mostly in the early mornings. If too many homes are watering at the same time, you may experience low pressure. If this happens, please adjust your watering time to and hour or so earlier or later or switch from the morning to the evening. Please also check your filters and make sure they’re clean. It will be necessary to supplement with garden hoses, and city water when the season ends early. The community does have access to secondary water which will help, but please be prepared now. Because of Bainbridge’s water needs, the Association has established a simple watering schedule as follows:

· Even ending addresses water Monday, Wednesday, Friday

· Odd ending addresses water Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

· Sunday is a makeup day for the common areas.

This schedule should allow the system to distribute water evenly throughout the community if we all do our part to follow it. The common areas have been and continue to be adjusted as well. We greatly appreciate everyone’s help and patience as we work through this.

Pool Use

We are so happy residents are enjoying the pools. We want to encourage walking and riding bikes to both pools, as parking is limited. Nearby homes should not be using the pool parking for daily parking. Please use your garage and driveway first. Please be sure to park in a stall when driving over and avoid parking on curves or in a manner that creates traffic hazards for others.

Each time the pool closes for a fecal incident, we get a lot of angry emails. We know this is frustrating and hope residents begin to understand the importance of proper swim diapers and pants with elastic bands to keep stuff in. We want residents to know that we do check the cameras and key cards to see who was at the pool. Unfortunately, we can’t see underwater, and unless someone makes it obvious it’s hard to tell who may have had the accident. If the culprit is found, they are charged the cleanup expense, and should it happen again they can lose their privileges at the pool. Please be sure to call in and report any fecal or similar instances to the office at 208-287-0514, or the after hours number listed if you don’t reach anyone.


The Bainbridge community encourages the pack in pack out method. If you take food or trash to the park or an open green space, then you should also take it home and dispose of it. Of course, there are trash cans at both pools for use, but we’re seeing a lot of trash being left around the neighborhood. Please remind your family members to put trash in the trash can. Please also remember that trash cans at your homes should be stored out of view except for when out for pickup on trash day. They should not be visible from the front of the home.

Community Car Show

If you have an old classic, restored car, or even a progress car that you want to show off come on down to the church parking lot at Ten Mile and Lost Rapids on August 26th from 6:30pm-8pm. All cars and neighbors are welcome. This is just for fun and to get to know your neighbors. If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to Fred at 208-866-1946.

Ada County Mosquito

The hot weather often brings mosquitos. If you have a concern about them in an area you may reach out to Ada County at 208-577-4646 to treat the area.

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