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August 2022 Community Newsletter

August 23, 2022 4:36 pm

Irrigation & Landscaping

We’re rounding on the last month of irrigation. Now’s the time to finish any projects and do treatments, and start scheduling for fall trimming. We hope everyone is still watering wisely and following the schedule of every other day. As the weather cools, be sure to turn watering down. Irrigation has not yet set a turnoff date, but is expected around the beginning of October. Stay tuned for updates as information is received.

Garage Sale

The next scheduled garage sale is set for Saturday, September 10th. A sign will go out at the entrances, and an ad placed in the paper. If you are interested in participating, please put your items out for sale in your driveway and join in the sales. Residents are encouraged to put out additional signs, post on social media sites, and coordinate pick up of any leftovers with agencies like St. Vincent’s.

Slow Down

School is back in session, so please slow down and watch for kids walking and riding to and from school and bus stops. It only takes seconds to slow down and avoid a tragedy.

Pool Closing

The pool generally closes following Labor Day, however, with the warm weather we’ll be watching the temperatures and keeping the pool open as long as we’re able. We’ll send out an update as soon as a closing date is set.

Ada County Mosquito

The hot weather often brings mosquitos. If you have a concern about them in an area you may reach out to Ada County at 208-577-4646 to treat the area.

Pet Waste

If you own a dog, please be a responsible owner and pick up after them. Many homes along the pathways and near the parks are frequented, and it’s frustrating to find these unwanted “surprises”.

Golf Carts/ATV

Please drive golf carts and ATVs or other similar vehicles in community with caution. These should never be driven on sidewalks or pathways, and should always follow the rules of the road regarding licenses and safety equipment.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans should be stored in your garage or behind your fence out of view, except when out for pickup. When out for pickup cans should be placed on the street with the wheels against the curb. They should not be in the parkways strips or on sidewalks.

Rental Restrictions

We understand that life and family needs change all the time, but just want to remind residents that rentals are not allowed within the community unless approved by the Board in advance for an undue hardship. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to hoa@brightoncorp.com

Upcoming Events

September 10 – Fall Garage Sale

September TBD – Pool Closure

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