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July 2022 Community Newsletter

July 21, 2022 3:09 pm

Pool Emergency Button

Both pools are equipped with an emergency, 911, call button. Please make sure this is only used in the event of an emergency. The police will investigate if the button is pushed and no one responds to the call box, and we do not want to waste their time and resources for false alarms.

Pool Reminders

Please make sure children under 13 are accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. Children in diapers must wear reusable swim papers or plastic pants with elasticized legs and waistband to make sure nothing comes out of the diaper. Most fecal events happen unknowingly and are found after the fact. Those responsible can be held responsible for cleaning costs of about $250. If there are any questions regarding rules, please refer to the posted signs and facility rules posted online, or contact management. Thank you for following the rules, so we can all enjoy the pools!

Necklace Found

A beautiful necklace charm was found in the newest pool. If you may have lost one, please reach out to Ann Marie at: HOA@brightoncorp.com.


Please make sure the drivers in your home are taking the time to slow down in the community. There are lots of kids and neighbors walking and enjoying the common areas, and we’ve noticed more people speeding in around. Report speeding to the police non-emergency line 208-888-6678.

Upcoming Events

August 2 – NNO

September 10 – Fall Garage Sale

September TBD – Pool Closure

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